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Poker and Casinos

The bloom of online gambling has brought more than just new players to the dorms of the casinos; it has brought more skilled players. Before the age of online casinos gamblers didn't have a suitable place for them to gamble and practice all at the same time. Though there were tables with extremely low limits to be found in casinos, they were almost always full.

The new age of gambling has made is possible for many novice players to practice without spending much money in the process. Tables with micro-limits are the new trend of the online gambling industry. By offering these tables many players can now spend little money and increase their skill.

With more than 3.4 thousand players a day Poker Team is probably the largest sites of online poker rooms, and Danny Hilton, the site's administrator, tells that only after Poker Team had opened micro-limits tables they understood they hit solid gold: "In the first week we didn’t see much change in our users' playing habits, they were playing as usual in the $5-$8 and our $10-$20 tables, that's when we decided to send them an invitation to our micro tables and just two days later our servers failed to manage with the traffic. We had to add more servers and only after half a day we could lunch Poker Team back to the air – and all our users were waiting!"