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New Employees at Riverside Casino Preparing for Opening Day

The new security officer at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is busy with the opening date of the Riverside nearing. The countdown for Riverside Casino has begun.

Whitney Bush will be starting her new job. Bush is going through her job orientation, "Just seemed like a great opportunity. I have a degree in law enforcement so I can put that to use. Seemed fun and exciting to start out on the ground floor," she said.

So far, Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is the largest employer in Washington County. First there were 600 people to work on the casino, now as the project have grown, the number of people who will be working in the casino has increased to nearly 950.

Dan Kehl, CEO of the Casino-Resort has introduced the facilities twelve department heads. Kehl had said that the hiring went well, but still many entry-level positions are needed to be filled yet.

The Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is expected to open to the public by August 31. Kehl said, "Probably short about 100 jobs in the food and beverage area and valet area at this point. We're hoping as the college students come back - people become interested in those jobs."

For more than a year now, there have been 350 construction workers working on that site now. Most of the construction workers are from Eastern Iowa, 35 percent of the casino's permanent workers are from Washington County. The remaining 35 percent are commuting from Iowa City. "Instead of driving up to Johnson County to got to work, now people are actually coming to Washington County. There's been a lot of growth in this area that a lot of convenience stores and restaurants are seeing already," Kehl said.

A 23 million dollar annual economic impact is expected when the casino and golf resort open and many are still banking that the casino can do even better. Washington County is hoping to bring more jobs and more tourism dollar to the state.